In 1892, William F. Henkel founded Henkel Construction Company. He drew upon the strengths of his German heritage, a tradition of excellence and pride in a job well done. Along with his skill as a builder, he brought the dedication and craftsmanship of the Old Country tradesman and burning desire to excel in his chosen profession.

From that foundation laid more than a century ago, Henkel has been involved in nearly every phase of the construction industry. The company tradition of bringing people on board and nurturing their development has resulted in a continuum of quality spanning more than a century. Henkel continues to be at the forefront of the industry and offers a variety of project delivery systems for our clients including general construction, construction management, and design-build services.

Helping clients achieve their goals in today’s world is much more complicated than it was more than a century ago. We are proud of the continued creativity and consistent ability of our team to mold modern technology, raw materials and traditional hard work into outstanding projects that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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