Today/Our Future

A lot has changed during the last century. Today we continually adapt to our clients’ needs. Our basic mission remains: provide the best building experience our customers can find anywhere. We accomplish that mission first by listening to needs, then by engineering innovative solutions, providing superior personal service at all levels, being honest in all business dealings, and delivering true value to our clients.


Today’s Henkel Construction Company offers a full line of professional construction services delivering negotiated, design-build, general contracting, and construction management projects in many different markets. We also are adept at managing the safety concerns on project sites – not only for our trade workers, but for Owner’s staff and their clients as well.  Projects range from restaurants to national retailers and hotels, from bridges to water treatment plants, from small clinics to major hospitals, and from light manufacturing to major plants, warehousing, food processing, and bio-fuels projects.

Today’s Henkel Construction Company collaborates with many design firms, including our own subsidiary Accord Architecture to deliver design and construction in a seamless package. As  team members we consistently deliver higher quality and very creative projects, in less time, and with lower costs than can be achieved through traditional delivery methods. Our clients appreciate single point responsibility, flexibility, speed, reasonable costs, and true partnering.

One thing will never change at Henkel Construction Company: teamwork. We become an integral part of a client’s team; a trusted partner and quite literally an extension of that client. Today’s Henkel Construction Company and Accord Architecture have the combined knowledge, financial resources, and personnel required to perform for any client, in any region of the United States of America, and we do.

It has been said that, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” After more than a century of success, “Our journey continues…” Let us help you with yours.