Why Us?

As facilities become increasingly complex, sophisticated clients realize that although they are experts in their own field, successful construction projects are extremely complicated and require a much broader view than purely focusing on initial building costs. They seek out Henkel Construction Company for creativity, financial stability, safety management, and building expertise, knowing that one good idea can easily save them far more than the entire fee for services. Furthermore, they understand that increased quality, longevity, and ease of maintenance will reduce operating costs and increase profits throughout their facility’s useful life.

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As a result, they prefer to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with Henkel to achieve their goals. In this environment, we put Henkel resources to work alongside the Owner and designer, creating one team to deliver the absolute best value attainable in the most efficient way possible.


At Henkel we are actually not fond of the term “negotiating”. We prefer “partnering”. In Henkel’s partnering environment, every participant adheres to guidelines establishing overall project success as the ultimate priority. No idea flourishes unless it benefits the project as a whole. Time after time, by soliciting our advice on material quality, construction sequencing, safety management, and scheduling, clients enjoy reduced risk, reduced costs, increased quality, and shorter delivery times. Our rewards are significantly stronger client relationships and a long list of repeat customers.