Mitchell County Courthouse, Osage, Iowa


After years of planning Osage, Iowa is now home to the newly constructed Mitchell County Courthouse. Henkel construction professionals and self-performing crews worked to complete the project, allowing employees to move into their new offices and courtroom space. The $6.5 million dollar project spans three levels and occupies over 30,000 square feet of finished space for county services, offices, and courtrooms.

Working with FEH Associates, Henkel field workers performed a substantial amount of the divisions of labor including concrete foundations, flat work, precast and steel erection, rough and finish carpentry, stone veneer work, and installation of hollow metal and wood doors, frames and hardware. Henkel installed many salvaged historical items from the original courthouse including three original cast iron vaults. Incorporating design elements that mirrored features of the original courthouse, Henkel built the stainless and structural steel of the cupola on the ground level before hoisting the structure onto the roof.

County services that have been operating out of several locations in Osage are in the process of moving into the building. The lower level will be occupied by the County Board of Supervisors while the Auditor, Recorder, Assessor, Treasurer, and Economic Development services will occupy the main level. Two courtrooms for both Magistrate and District Court are located on the 2nd level.