Construction Management

As projects grow more complex the risks inherent in their design, construction, and commissioning grow exponentially. Without construction experience, design coordination, scheduling, safety, and phasing are impossible. Without solid coordination, traditional bidding translates the risks into increase costs and longer schedules. Partnering with our clients, we add another dimension to planning and design development; true insight into material costs, logistics, and constructability from people who shoulder those types of risk every day.

Clients who partner with Henkel allow us to anticipate risks for them and plan corresponding strategic solutions. Design teams achieve their goals with appealing building designs that allow physical construction to be completed as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Our construction management clients appreciate how early cost input helps them to make good business decisions and how early construction input minimizes uncertainty and the problems that might surface after construction starts. Maintaining existing operations and managing their primary business is much easier and their projects are completed must faster as well. They appreciate how our experience insures quality projects, and they are amazed at how much one good idea during planning can positively impact their outcomes. Finally, time after time they comment on how much more enjoyable it is to work as a team.

Celebrating more than a century of success, our construction management clients include regional and rural hospitals undergoing major renovations and additions, college libraries, medical and surgery clinics, community recreation centers, museums, and significant historical renovation foundations. Let us help you with your project. We are positive you will be pleased with your decision.

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