Creating and maintaining a culture where our employees are laser-focused on safety is extremely important to us at Henkel Construction Company. To foster a safety-minded atmosphere on all of our jobsites, we have dedicated a professional for safety and training in order to lead our safety efforts. This helps us identify and anticipate safety training needs. As part of our safety program, employees have immediate access to safety information any time they need it, whether it’s via phone, email, or in person.

Our safety efforts start as soon as we hire a new employee, but the training doesn’t end there. To build a good foundation of safety knowledge, we provide each employee with OSHA 10-hour training. We also provide OSHA 30-hour training to all of our field leaders and project management staff. It takes the attention of our entire team to make our safety program effective, and we rely on veteran employees to help us drive home the idea that safety is always a top priority.