Floyd County Bridge, Rockford, Iowa

Floyd County Bridge, Rockford

Torrential rain kicked off the Floyd County Bridge project in Rockford, flooded the Shell Rock River, and dampened the outlook on a rigid schedule. Duane Hanley and his crew battled the elements in the beginning and the end, when temperatures plummeted down to zero. Controlling river water flow is never an easy task, and when the river refuses to recede, it becomes even more of a challenge. Trucks hauled in loads of fill to construct an access road for the project. Sheet piling driven deep into the riverbed, aided by pumps, gave the crew safe access to a void to form and pour the center pier. The bridge spans 200 feet across the river, and including the sidewalks, has a width of 52 feet. While some bridges are just bridges, this one sets the stage in reuniting a divided town in classy style. The crew built special forms to create the arches and concrete details in the guard rails. The black wrought iron and lamp posts cascading along the tops of the rails on either side depict a setting of bridges reminiscent of the past. In the interim of the bridge completion, motorist took a detour south and crossed a bridge at the neighboring city of Marble Rock. Since Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock School is located on the east side of Rockford, bus routes were temporarily inconvenienced. The new bridge has restored the familiar route of travel, and with added flair. The crew worked overtime to reunite the two sides of the town, including the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Teamwork won out over weather. Vehicles, with horns blaring the exciting news of the bridge opening, once again crossed the Shell Rock River in Rockford December 9th at 10:00 a.m. Building a project as such in a small town can bring rewards not often found in larger cities. These came in form of cookies and bars and pies from appreciative town folks, who patiently awaited the completion of the bridge. Workers also had access to an apple tree, loaded with fruit, in the adjacent shady park.