Sukup Manufacturing, Sheffield, Iowa

Sukup Manufacturing - Sheffield

Henkel crew members, led by Bill Ring, partnered with the Owner, Sukup Manufacturing, to create a showcase of steel components in their new office building. Sukup provided the steel for their own building, and Henkel workers erected it as soon as it was supplied.

According to Cody Winter, Foreman, the massiveness of the steel that spans across the showroom posed the biggest challenge for the crew. The steel trusses form a round spoke-shaped pattern high above the floor. Some people refer to the showroom as the Jewel Box.

Eldon Trebil, Operator, said the roof sheeting had to hook together at the seams before workers could lay it down, which made the job more difficult.

Adjacent to the showroom, the cafeteria has a similar ceiling. The round pattern carries through in stairway and balcony features. Walnut woodwork and grain bin decor put on the finishing touches. The building houses several offices and cubicles, conference rooms, and reception areas.

Although workers spent much of their time during the project at lofty heights in aerial lifts, the crew also carried out carpentry duties from blocking to finish. Paving and Owner-installed siding and accessories will complete the complex.