Our success tomorrow depends upon our clients’ successes today. Henkel Construction Company has grown successfully for more than a century, one client at a time. We believe the optimum environment is one where all parties see each other as complimenting equals working together to bring owners the absolute best value they can buy.


We work very hard to earn each client’s trust. We do that first and foremost by listening to their needs. Then we provide innovative solutions, costs, safety management and quality variables. When fully informed, we find our clients are comfortable and make very timely and effective decisions.

The earlier Henkel is involved, the more valuable we can be. Early involvement allows us to understand design origins and the owner’s needs. Creative ideas are incorporated seamlessly, minimizing uncertainty and risk for all concerned. Early cost analysis, constructability review, and scheduling minimizes costs, reduces risks and expedites project delivery.


We are experts in construction and project delivery. Henkel Construction Company leads the project and keeps our client well informed. Schedules are generated and updated periodically in concert with key trades, vendors, and staff, insuring construction moves swiftly. Henkel manages all safety, administrative, and physical building operations during construction.