Our success tomorrow depends upon our clients’ successes today; as such we offer services for three different construction delivery types. The project and the Owners’ needs will determine which project delivery system is best suited for the project. These are:

Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management provides flexibility for Owners in selecting a contractor. This type of delivery offers Owners the option to look at qualifications such as expertise and history of performance instead of focusing just on price.

Owners use the CM method of delivery to select a contractor based on qualifications. After selecting the contractor, the Owner then negotiates the contractor’s fee. CM provides an open-book approach to all of the project costs. Owners participate in the bidding and selection of contractors. The construction manager is the advocate for the Owner during the entire construction project.

Often Owners select CM because they understand that the design/bid/build/ process does not always result in the lowest cost project or the best quality. With a CM, the process beginning from design and going through construction is a smooth one. There are two types of construction management projects.

CM – At-Risk

Under this type of contract, the CM holds all of the contracts for subs and suppliers. The CM also provides the Owner with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project. The GMP is provided at the completion of the construction documents.

CM – Agency

Under this type of contract, the Owner holds all of the contracts for subs and suppliers. In this scenario the CM acts like an extension of the Owner’s staff. The CM manages all of the contracts but does not hold any financial risk.

Design - Build


The beauty of Design-Build projects is that one organization is responsible for the design and construction of the building.  Having a single point of contact helps with better communication and eliminates any adversarial roles between the architect and the contractor.  This delivery type also allows for a faster delivery of the project because construction can start before the entire design is completed.

Having construction going on while the design progresses can speed up the delivery of the project by 25 percent when compared to the design/bid/build method.  This type of delivery system fosters a true team environment where members can figure out cost and schedule savings to improve the overall value to the Owner.

The two biggest components to consider when selecting a team for your design-build project is their experience working together and performance on similar projects.

Traditional Design/Bid/Build

Traditional (Design / Bid / Build)

At Henkel we understand there are many who lay bricks and pour concrete, but when a client makes a major investment in infrastructure, he is risking significant capital to do so. We review, coordinate, and expedite all material deliveries and installations. We insist on safety and demand quality from every person who contributes. And finally, we manage the risks of heavy equipment, raw materials, and labor inherent in every construction project. The result is significant added value; a finished product with superior quality, longevity, and ease of maintenance — each of which reduces operating costs throughout the useful life of the project.

Other Services

Master Planning

For large projects and campus type master planning, Henkel helps by analyzing the physical and logistical aspects of project delivery. We determine how projects might be phased creatively, what safety measures can be taken to insure smooth flow for patrons, and anticipate potential interruptions to eliminate them or minimize their impact.

Site Develop­ment Services

While Henkel is not a development company, with select clients, we do offer services in project development. We have developed two very successful retail land sites in cooperation with clients, helping them understand and evaluate risks and costs, and providing value engineering services to maximize their value and minimize schedule and cost.

Design Develop­ment

Henkel’s input during design development can be invaluable. Helping designers understand costs in specific areas enables them to create high value designs that our clients can afford to build. Many times our feedback actually allows the designer to do more than they thought possible through a few detail modifications that streamline construction without impacting design.

Concep­tual Estim­ating

Our long history and varied experience have generated an extensive archive of historical costs. With that data at their disposal, our preconstruction team is able to generate very viable cost budgets for owners from conceptual design information. Our budgets are superior to those taken from books of cost averages because they are based on real costs from similar work.

Health­care Equipment Planning

Effective healthcare equipment planning requires a special level of understanding of medical facilities and current standards.  We can provide coordination and assistance to Owners looking for this specialized service


While we are not bankers, we can provide coordination between Owners and financial experts who can assist them in regards to their project’s financial needs.

Precon­struction Services

Our clients want to make sound business decisions early to establish project viability without wasting time. Our estimating and preconstruction service team provides quality cost and construction answers almost as fast as our clients can ask them and our clients have found that the earlier they involve us, the more valuable we become.

Lean – Process Excellence

Our involvement in lean processes during design allows us to learn first-hand what the needs of the Owner’s team are for the best success of their daily operations with respect to staff, clients, flow and function. It also helps us provide useful input to the team with objective ideas from our experience working on many types of construction projects.

Safety Manage­ment

Safety is a top priority for our company. The following safety measures and tools we employ are used to create safety culture at Henkel.
  • Training our employees
  • Consultations with OSHA, our insurance provider and other safety experts
  • Constant monitoring and inspections of our project sites by engaging all workers and management staff in this process
  • Empowering employees to act on behalf of themselves and their co-workers to make sure construction sites are safe
  • Daily safety huddles and toolbox talks
  • Involving all workers in daily personal Job Hazard Analysis

Our goal is to have each person working on your project go home to their families in the same condition that they arrived to work in. If we accomplish this, we are all winners.

Healt­hcare Inte­grated Approach

Henkel Construction has found a niche in the healthcare market. Our healthcare projects include a vast array of project delivery systems (general construction, construction management, and design-build); new construction, additions and renovations; and involvement with every type of department within a hospital or healthcare setting. We have interacted well and efficiently as a team member with the Owner’s staff and design firms. In most instances, this involvement started during the beginning of the design phase and continued throughout the course of construction. We can help with every aspect of a healthcare project from securing financing through construction and commissioning.